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Our Mission

Establishing a More Global Understanding of Wellbeing Through Research

The Global Wellbeing Initiative aims to expand the conceptualization and measurement of wellbeing with globally inclusive perspectives to better understand how to promote wellbeing for all.

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Wellbeing for All: Incorporating Harmonic Principles of Wellbeing in Subjective Wellbeing Research and Policymaking

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Our Approach

Reshaping the Science and Discourse of Wellbeing

The Global Wellbeing Initiative (GWI) builds upon existing wellbeing research, which is traditionally shaped by Western-centric perspectives, by incorporating a more inclusive understanding of wellbeing.

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Advancing Research and Thought Leadership

Discover what our researchers and industry experts are saying about wellbeing.

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We’re Building a Community of Wellbeing Scholars

Our community of scholars will create a new set of globally accepted standards and wellbeing metrics, inspiring local action and public policy changes in service of societies, families and workplaces across the globe.

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“The vision and scientific approach of the GWI to include globally diverse perspectives has the potential to create a paradigm shift in how the world conceptualizes and measures wellbeing.”

Ed Diener, Ph.D., Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology (Emeritus), University of Illinois, and Scientific Advisor, Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation
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“The Global Wellbeing Initiative is a journey of exploration to understand our common human desire for wellbeing, while also exploring cultural manifestations of our universal strivings for a good life.”

Holli-Anne Passmore, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Nature-Meaning in Life Research Lab, Concordia University of Edmonton
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“Already with successes under our belt, new data, new questions, new people and new research agendas, we're finally and truly on the path to unearthing wellbeing around the globe.”

Louise Lambert, Ph.D., Editor of the Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology
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“As we move from GDP to wellbeing as a metric of societal progress, we need to first ask 'What makes a life well-lived for people around the world?' The GWI is a pioneering partnership that seeks to answer this question with science and geo-cultural inclusiveness.”

Alden Lai, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Health Policy and Management, New York University, and Executive Advisor, Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation

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